Monday, 13 March 2017

Today's class

Students shared their Flipped Classroom learning ... 55 Fiction.   The variety of fictions was very noticeable, with all meeting the criteria and being able to verbalise their own leaning through this activity.

Most students set their Ext(reme) Writing goals and strategies to meet those goals. Then plans were afoot to choose a piece of writing to work on through which that goal could be practiced. The goal setting sheet is in the student's Ext Writing folder in their Drive.

Access to Seesaw will be made available to parents this week and accounts were updated with the 55 Fiction today.

Flipped Classroom for this week:
To plan, start creating your own personal writing that will allow you to practice your goal.  Share your progress on Monday 20th.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

6 Mar Update

Great to see the Ext(reme) Writers today!  Welcome to Jess who joined us for the first time.

After warming up with more "Poetry Poker", the students were introduced to Seesaw.  
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Seesaw is a online digital individual portfolio where students can share their learning with parents and staff.  Entries were made for those who completed the learning about Creating Mood Through Word Choice. The folders will be shared with parents soon.

Colour was the word of the day - using it to help create mood.  We also used it as a learning device to create deep and meaningful metaphors that will challenge our readers to think.  Some of these will be shared here on the blog.

This week's Flipped Classroom Learning: the art of creating a complete short story in exactly 55 words, no more, no less.
See here for details.
Due on Monday 13th.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Welcome to new students...

Image result for HI
and welcome to Nathaniel, Emily, Olivia and Shannon!  Great to have you join this learning group!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Today's New Learning

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Poetry Poker was the warm-up today.
Challenges included quick thinking and
creating using 5 exceptional but unexpected words.

The main learning involved creating mood (atmosphere) in writing through word choice. For example:
A shadow lay over the yard like a grave cloth.
The grass was long and unkempt. Against the
bole of a withered oak lay a child’s ball shrouded
by the creeping Bermuda. The features of the
house shimmered in the blaze of the afternoon,
blurred beyond recognition to the unwary stranger.

The Flipped Classroom this week is to complete your 2 examples which show your practice of this new learning.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Notice to parents

Click here for the Notice to Parents regarding the Extension Writing Programme.

Welcome to 2017 Ext(reme) Writing

Great to meet the new Ext(reme) Writers today - Angus, Izzi and Sierra.  Also wonderful for the 2016 writers to meet up again.  More writers will be joining us as the term goes by.

Our warm-up involved writing 6 word stories that held a hidden narrative. 

Today's focus was on writing a descriptive passage using figurative and descriptive features.  But the first paragraph had to be the opening line(s) of a published author.  What a wealth of talent we had in the room!  We will share some of these on the blog next week.

We will be meeting again next Monday (27th).  
Before that, the students will need to complete their draft, edit it, and type it up (if they wish).

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Term 4 begins!

Hope you've had a great break and are ready for the exciting 7 weeks ahead of us. 

Firstly, just a quick reminder of where your writing should be at for "JEALOUS SABOTEURS"...

These should be finished:
  • typed up your City Gallery writing (Character Description doc)
  • planned your new character writing (Looking to Write Doc)  including the profile, setting, action/situation and genre and transferring over your personal goal.  
This week:
  • you will be writing your first draft of your chosen genre (Looking to Write Doc) 
Next week,  your first draft will need to be complete - you will be bringing a printed copy of it to class.